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Steel-String Acoustic Guitars

Naugler Guitars is located in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania in the northwest corner of historic Bucks County in the old hamlet of Finland and is operated by me, Seth Naugler. I build guitars using mostly traditional methods in a wonderful old barn with a very modern shop.

Researching and buying a custom instrument is ideally a hands-on experience. One of the pleasures of having a custom instrument built is that one can be involved in the process and pick every component that goes into the guitar, producing an instrument without compromise. I may not have anything playable at any given time (I don't seem to get to keep them for very long) but I always enjoy showing people around the shop and demonstrating the process of building.

I've put a lot of energy into learning the craft and it's gratifying to share that knowledge with other guitarists. Even extremely experienced and capable guitarists are often unschooled in the "mechanics" of guitars and the physics behind them. I played for decades before I had any real idea of how guitars were made and it's fun to show what's behind the curtain.


Kamp Guitar Blog

I've built half a dozen guitars for the Kaufman Kamp Dreadnoughts Unlimited Scholarship fund. in 2008 I wrote a blog about the process of building that guitar. I've been toying with the idea of updating it since a few of the processes I've used have changed and I've built a few more jigs, but in the meantime, you can access the blog here.


Contact Info

You can contact me by email at seth@nauglerguitars.com.

You can also reach me by phone at (267) 261-8812.

Please note that I am not currently taking orders. More info is available on the Options & Pricing page.



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